"Follow Jesus. No order supercedes this order...period."

Rev. Rick Lindsay



From Dave Wardell to the Prayer Squadron 14March2007: MSG as Follows:

Dr. Dave WardellDoes the Holy Spirit ever speak to Man? Emphatically YES! The still small voice comes anytime day or night, when God wants to speak to us to accomplish whatever task He needs done. I think every Christian man or woman can relate to the fact that they do experience a “prompting” to contact someone and see how they are doing. Rick Lindsay, of Encourage Men To Pray” says it this way: “We either choke the prompting and look stupid because we didn’t respond to the prompting, or we follow it and look like a Spiritual genius”. In reality we need to keep our Spiritual antennas up and ready to hear from the Lord. It is when we are too busy or distracted, that we do not heed the call. The call is always to build up the body of Christ. I believe we can do better at listening for the Lord to speak to us when we anticipate that he will be using us. Like a man or woman in the military, they know when the are called to battle stations and readiness. We too, should realize The Spirit will call us to accomplish that which God has purposed. AM I Ready? Are You Ready?

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