"Follow Jesus. No order supercedes this order...period."

Rev. Rick Lindsay


“I am blessed with the association of a dear brother who goes “to the mat” with me regularly in prayer. Press On Mighty Warrior!”

Dr. Dave Wardell,
Co-founder of Promise Keepers

"Using the New Testament book of James, Rick Lindsay, refreshingly, portrays the messenger bringing the Bible to life in a challenging, encouraging way.

Take time to listen to what Rick has learned in his own walk with Jesus Christ lately. Check your own focus and drives and be encouraged by the grace, compassion and encouragement in his message.

Rick prays, lives and shares his love for God in such amazing ways that it often seems he will never appear at home until he's in Heaven worshipping the Creator of the Universe, the Holy Spirit, and Our Savior Jesus."

Mr. Allen Bell
Director of Development
Whitefield Academy, Atlanta, GA

Ministry Offerings...

James, A Presentation

James, A Presentation brings the LORD's half brother to life in a dramatic monologue of the events surrounding the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Learn more>>

"Six Vital Relationships No Man Should Do Without"

Bro. Rick has, for years, walked with men around him in close relationships. Over time, it occured to him that those closest to him, his "six", filled six distinct roles in his walk and life. The "Six Vital Relationships No Man Should Do Without " presentation defines those relationships, teaches men their characteristics, and encourages men to embark on the journey to fill those six positions through vital relationships.

Based on The Affinity Accountability and Prayer Strategy.

Schedule or discuss a presentation.

The "630" Challenge:

The "630" Challenge is a Bible Reading Program that encourages the reading of God's Word so that the New Testament will be read in one month. Bookmarks with more information are available at the EMTP address below. There is a copy of the bookmark at the link above. May the Lord bless the reading of HIS Word.

One of our Brothers, "LightSabre One" met the 630 Challenge in 2005 reading the new testament 12 times in 2005. Read his challenge.

Bookmarks are available in bulk. Contact us.

180 Bible Reading Program:

The 180 Bible Reading Program is designed to establish the Authority of the WORD of GOD over the venue. 180 volunteers join together to read the Word of God-(Bible). The 180 Bible Reading Program has been used by various church groups and conference leadership teams to prepare venues and participants for extraordinary meetings. The Scriptures have been divided into 180 sections that can be read by a large group at the same time or by a smaller group reading the sections over an extended period of time. The 180 Bible Reading Program can be personalized for your event. For more information contact us.

EMTP Phone Cards:

This is a resource that encourages men to use prepaid phone cards to facilitate prayer and personal relationships.

Name of Jesus Sign Projects:

These projects are individually designed to place the name of Jesus into stadium seating or large sign format.

Stealth Fighter Prayer Squadron:

If you are part of the squadron, yes, you have found the right site. If you haven't registered as a site member register now. Otherwise, let us hear from you.

Stealth Fighter

Extraordinary Prayer Men's Phone Call:

The Extraordinary Prayer Men's Phone Call takes place every Wednesday morning at 6:30 EST, when Men from across the country join together to pray over prayer needs. Individuals, as well as churches, are encouraged to participate. There is a cost involved for the long distance connection. Consider having your men's group join this opportunity to pray with men from across the country.

Contact us for more information.

Prayer Summits and Retreats:

The time alone with the LORD in prayer and/or with the Men of your church or association can have a positive impact on the lives of the men of your group. Please contact EMTP Ministries about having your church or association sponsor a prayer seminar, James, A Presentation Monologue, or other EMTP Ministry resources.


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