"Follow Jesus. No order supercedes this order...period."

Rev. Rick Lindsay


"Rick Lindsay is a man of prayer and he has an ability to teach and lead others to pray as well. Creative, sensitive, fun and a passionate love for Jesus describe Rick. His ministry will help you to know and love Jesus Christ more. He is one of a kind and I am honored to recommend him and his ministry to you."

Rev. Dale Schlafer, President,
Center For World Revival and Awakening

Get Involved...

Getting involved in our ministry is simple.

  1. Pray for us.
  2. Ask God to lead you with regard to giving financially to this ministry.
  3. Encourage others to pray.
  4. Participate in our Wednesday morning prayer call.
  5. Ask God to lead you to another man with whom you can develop a covenant relationship.
  6. Communicate with us by email or phone.
  7. Bring James, The Brother of Jesus in to minister to your fellowship or group.

"After being involved with men's ministry specifically for over 15 years, one thing has become very apparent. Most Christian men are so busy doing things for God that they take very little time to be alone with God to hear His voice. Men talk a lot about prayer but spend very little time in extended times of prayer consistently. Because of this fact I am so excited about "Encourage Men To Pray", a new ministry founded by Rick Lindsay, a man with a burning passion for intercessory prayer. Everything about Rick's life centers around prayer and his passion for prayer is infectious."

Mr. Chuck Lane
Building Brothers Ministry


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