"Follow Jesus. No order supercedes this order...period."

Rev. Rick Lindsay



Encouragement Prayer Challenge

Our prayer challenge for you today is that you will think about what GOD has asked you as a Christian-believer in Christ-to do. Are we really applying the principles that GOD has set down for us to follow? Compare the mindset of the world around you to what has been declared in the scriptures. Think for a moment about how we are to live in this world that is not our home. Sometimes GOD has to pull us apart from the busyness of our lives-the way we always do things-to get our attention.

What does GOD want to say to you but perhaps you are too busy to listen to His voice?

Is all the hustle and busyness crowding out your time with JESUS?— your families time with JESUS?—your church’s time with JESUS?

Consider making it a priority to reestablish an intentional set apart time with the LORD.

Consider praying with GOD early in the morning, take HIM out to lunch at a park, talk to HIM while you are riding home in your car.

Whatever you decide to do make it a habitual habit. YES! Talk with HIM, share with HIM, and prepare yourself to receive a favored blessing. He is there waiting for you. Listen for His voice to speak into your life and HIS scripture to confirm it. Jeremiah 33:3 comes to mind. HE will meet with you when you intentionally seek to connect to HIM.



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