"Follow Jesus. No order supercedes this order...period."

Rev. Rick Lindsay



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* CALL SIGNS. EMTP has for years assigned, received, and prayed for call signs for every believer who wants to align him/herself with our Stealth Fighter Prayer Squadron. We began issuing Stealth numbers as call signs like "Stealth 2" aka Rick, "Stealth 7" aka Jim, but over time call signs took on a life of their own. There are hundreds of men (and now women) who after hearing abou them either created their own or asked us to help come up with them: "Rollin' Thunder", "Rampart 1", "Summit Wise", "Hands Free", "Shielded Heart", etc.

It has been fun and encouraging. We invite you to come up with your own, or if you need help, ask those closest to you to pray for the perfect Stealth Fighter Squadron call sign for you.

In the future, you will be able to change your call sign whenever you want by logging into the site member area :-)


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