"Follow Jesus. No order supercedes this order...period."

Rev. Rick Lindsay



Affirmation: By Rev. Rick Lindsay

An intense battle rages. The stakes are high because it is a conflict with eternal consequences.
The heart of the matter is a clash between good and evil, right and wrong, truth and deception. Wicked forces are in direct combat physically and spiritually with humanity: attacking the body, mind, soul and spirit. The puritan preacher and author, John Bunyan, observed this fact in the 1680’s rightly describing it in his classic book: HOLY WAR! And, I concur and agree with his observations that we have a cunning adversary bent on our destruction and defeat. We too, as Bunyan did, find ourselves in a HOLY WAR - as have all generations of humanity before him and us. And, the fate of the souls that have already fought the fight are eternally cast one-way or the other. The battle for them is over. However, ours is upon us – it is our watch! War is still declared and the battles still rage. Therefore dear one, be vigilant, strong and courageous and don’t faint – the adversary may try to rob and steal this word from you. It is my prayer that you will have eyes to see and ears to hear what Almighty God has imparted to me to share with you.

Almighty God’s desire is for intimate holy fellowship and communion with his splendid creation: Man however, a prideful envy occurred – a breach of trust. One created to model and lead all others into the worship of the Lord God Almighty became seduced by pride and rebelled; and, he has since sought to defeat the will and purposes of God. A forum for argument was deviously devised by the creator’s chief traitor, satan - the fallen archangel. The method is simple. I would suggest to you, that early on in a person’s life, a challenge to God’s authority is initiated. A faint whisper that challenges Scripture and sets up an unholy debate between the enemy and his creation seeding doubt, mistrust and confusion. The war of all wars has been and continues to be and the battle is always the same to corrupt man, to rob, to steal, to destroy man’s citizenship with the Lord God in eternity. The tide of the struggle can be turned. AFFIRMATION!



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