"Follow Jesus. No order supercedes this order...period."

Rev. Rick Lindsay


“Rick has demonstrated a keen ability to hear from God, bring diverse groups into HIS very presence and motivate them to make intercessory prayer a matter of life and practice.”

Dr. Dan Erickson
National Coalition of Men’s Ministries


About us...

It has been very interesting traveling about spending time with men, ministering. When we tell them the name of our ministry, "Encourage Men to Pray Ministries" there is for some reason confusion. The conversation usually goes something like this...

They say "What do you do?"
We respond lovingly, "Encourage Men to Pray."
"What does your ministry do?"
"We encourage men to pray..."

Why is it so hard to understand? Is it because the elect of God do not fully understand the impact of encouraging others to pray? Or that we find ourselves deaf to the encouragement of God through brothers and sisters in Christ to exercise the most powerful tool and responsibility of a Christians life...to pray.

Certainly, we fulfill our ministry though various methods...a dramatic monologue: James, the Brother of Christ, 180 Bible Reading Program, The 630 challenge, and more. Ultimately, everything we do is designed to bring all men to an intimate relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.


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