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From Jim Gates to the Prayer Squadron 13March2007: MSG as Follows:

The Rev. D. B. ByersA few years back, I discovered at my Grandparents' house a box full of writings of the Reverend D. B. Byers, my Great-Great-Great-Grandfather. When I found them, I was moved to the core of my being. Few things have I found in the natural that stirred my spirit in the supernatural, but that collection did...and does.

I have had the writings for some time, but only recently did I dive in. I have begun putting his writings into word-processed documents for readability, and for posterity. I encourage you to read, to absorb, the attached document. He was a wordsmith, anointed by God.

I offer you "Divine Love Triumphant", preached by the Reverend D. B. Byers aka "WordSmith 1" in Naperville, Illinois on October 16, 1887.


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